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Password logbook: Large print A-Z download with 7 cover options

Password logbook: Large print A-Z download with 7 cover options

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Have you (or someone you know) ever lost track of some of the most important passwords? Forget sticky notes and notebooks -- here's a better solution!

This is the printable edition of our bestselling password logbook, as seen on Amazon. The pages are alphabetized, and each one has plenty of room to keep track of all your access information.  

And you can print as many pages as you like (for personal or classroom use), so you won't run out of space when you change your passwords.

If you want to keep these pages in a binder, or even just in a folder, we have also included 7 different blank cover options. (For security, the covers provided don't announce the contents.)

* Makes a great gift, especially for seniors and older friends & family!


In addition to space to store information about the sites you visit, we have also included pages to write down your modem/router setup, your internet service provider details, email login info, and registry numbers for software programs.

There are between 2 and 6 pages for every letter, except for U&V and X, Y & Z, which share pages. There are also two pages at the beginning of the index for website addresses that start with numbers.

Every log page has space for four websites, so between the alphanumeric log pages and the two favorite site pages, there's room to store data for more than 400 sites.

We have included two lines for your passwords so you have space to write the new information down when you change them periodically. If you need more space, there is also room below under "notes."

Each letter/number page features between 1 and 6 dots in the lower outer corners to let you know which page of that letter you're on. (Example: Page 3 of letter A will feature 3 dots, page 4 of letter S will have 4 dots.)

See the index on page 3 to see exactly where the first page of each section begins.

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Note: This page may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here

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